PROSOLV®SMCC – High Functionality Excipient
PROSOLV®SMCC is silicified microcrystalline cellulose,a patented combination of 98% microcrystalline cellulose(MCC) and 2% collidal silicon dioxide(CSD).

PROSOLV®SMCC is a highly functionality ingredient because it is multifunctional,requires less complex processing, has high inherent funcitonality and imparts that functionality to the drug formula.

・ High compactibility
・ High intrinsic flow
・ Enhanced lubrication efficiency
・ Improved blending properties

Some traditional ingredients improve compaction performance by reducing density,but this results in decreased flowability and content uniformity.
PROSOLV®SMCC imparts both optimum compaction and flow to drug formulations.



PRUV® – Lubricant
PRUV® Sodium Stearyl Fumarate is relatively inert.
This avoids incompatibilities with active ingredients, which results in excellent API stability.
PRUV® is used primarily in conjunction with the following active ingredients.

Because PRUV® Sodium Stearyl Fumarate enhances formulation robustness one can expect:
・Harder Tablets
・No Overblending
・Enhanced Production Yields
・Faster Formuration and Scale Up
・Enhanced Lubrication Efficiency


EXPLOTAB® – Disintegrant

EXPLOTAB® is made from potato starch by crosslinking, leading to a three-dimensional net stricture. The typical starch structure, with it’s egg-shaped particles, remains unchanges. The resulting product demonstrates very strong and powerful swelling properties in contact with the water. The natural shape of the particles produces the excellent flow properties of EXPLOTAB®. The surface of EXPLOTAB® is purer than competitors’ material which show impurties of sodium chloride. The lower the NaCl impurities, the better the disintegration properties.



It increases collagen synthesis, so there is a dual action of immediate improvement in skin appearance and anti-aging treatment in the longer term.

High immediate and at 24 hours hydration power.

A real fat burner: up to 10 cm less after 56 days of treatment

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